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RAM Trucks in Jarrettsville, MD, at Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, a Leading RAM Dealership

What are the Advantages of Driving RAM Trucks in Jarrettsville, Bel Air, Cockeysville, White Hall, or Monkton, MD?

With so many different makes and models of trucks on the roads today, why should Maryland drivers choose RAM trucks? At Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, we have the answer; in short, it is because RAM trucks have advantages for drivers in Jarrettsville and the Bel Air, Cockeysville, White Hall, and Monkton, MD, area. The first advantage is performance. Whether you choose the versatile RAM 1500, or a heavy duty truck, like the RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 models, the performance capabilities of your new RAM truck will make many aspects of your life easier immediately. Do you two trailers of any kind, maybe boats, camper trailers, or flatbeds with ATVS, motorcycles, or other precious cargo? New RAM trucks have some of the best towing capacities of any vehicles on the roads today, and the same advantage applies to the payload capacity of RAM trucks.

The impressive torque and horsepower that RAM truck engines produce, however, is in combination with outstanding fuel economy. Of course, the handling and traction of a new RAM truck are other performance advantages, especially during Maryland winters when snow often blankets the streets of Jarrettsville, Bel Air, Cockeysville, White Hall, and Monkton. Snowy or icy road conditions are no matches for new RAM trucks. Other benefits include the interior layouts and infotainment features that new RAM trucks provide. These enable drivers and passengers a maximum level of comfort while also permitting them to access GPS navigation, wireless audio media, and many other infotainment applications. On the outside, RAM trucks also stand out. There is a total of twelve diverse trim levels for 2016 RAM 1500 trucks, alone. In general, the exterior designs of new RAM trucks provide Maryland drivers with numerous possibilities to match their tastes for wheel design, paint color, and additional stylistic elements, such as chrome or painted bumpers or grilles.

Visit Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Jarrettsville, MD, to see our full lineups of new RAM trucks, such as the widely acclaimed 2018 RAM 1500 and the heavy duty 2018 RAM 2500 or 2016 RAM 3500, all of which are in stock today!

New and Used RAM Trucks for Sale in Jarrettsville, MD, at Keene Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM2016 RAM 1500 Interior Steering Wheel2016 RAM 1500 Interior Front Seats Gray2016 RAM 1500 Exterior Side View Black

A History of RAM Trucks: When "Dodge RAM" became "RAM"

Maryland truck lovers may remember when, just a few years ago, RAM trucks were actually called "Dodge RAM" trucks. The name Dodge RAM changed to RAM trucks in 2010. Rather than making trucks that suited non-truck lovers who only wanted to look stylish or, dare we say, cool by driving a truck, RAM decided in 2010 that the time had come for a new kind of truck brand that catered to "real" truck lovers. So, in 2010, Dodge began making only cars, SUVs, and minivans, and RAM started its own truck brand dedicated to making outstanding trucks models for real truck lovers. Looking at today's new RAM trucks, such as the 2018 RAM 1500, 2018 RAM 2500, or 2018 RAM 3500, you can see how there are no gimmicks or unnecessary gadgets. New RAM trucks are built for performance, and they are designed on the exterior and interior to suit the needs of truck lovers. This does not mean that RAM trucks have to be used only for work or off-road driving. In fact, the innovative interior storage areas in the interiors of these trucks make them perfect family vehicles, where kids can easily store their school backpacks or sports equipment and games during road trips. Dodge RAM represents the birth of RAM trucks, but since 2010, the RAM brand has been synonymous with one thing above all else: awesome trucks for real truck lovers.

RAM 1500 History: 1981-Present

RAM Heavy Duty Trucks

Perhaps the most well-known new RAM truck is the 2018 RAM 1500. With twelve available trim levels and three choices of engines, the 2018 RAM 1500 serves the unique needs of drivers around America. Here in Maryland, especially in the areas of Jarrettsville, Bel Air, Cockeysville, White Hall, and Monkton, MD, the 2018 RAM 1500 has the potential to fulfill the practical performance needs and satisfy the aesthetic design preferences of all truck lovers. However, sometimes truck lovers need a truck that can handle bigger work than usual. Maybe you are on a job site, and you need to two large pieces of equipment or haul around tools and materials. Maybe you regularly drive around Maryland towing a flatbed trailer of classic cars or a horse trailer. Whatever the need may be, the answer for these situations is heavy duty RAM trucks, including the 2018 RAM 2500 and the 2018 RAM 3500. When it comes to commercial work or other big jobs, new RAM heavy duty trucks are ideal.

2016 RAM 2500 Laramie Exterior Front View White
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