How You Can Protect Your Food And Your Vehicle While Traveling For The Holidays

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations and maybe you're going to be bringing some that you've prepared on a holiday road trip. That can be done, but there things you may want to do to make sure your food arrives intact.

Sealing Your Food Containers And Safely Stowing Them
  • The first thing you should do is seal your food in an airtight container, and possibly even box and put newspapers and cloths around it to keep it warm
  • You should place it somewhere where it will be restrained from moving and away from other loose cargo
  • If you have to travel with a fragile food container, have a passenger hold it
  • Take care when driving around sharp curves or on bumpy roads
One of the best ways to transport your food and other cargo safely is to have the right kind of vehicle to do it. If you visit us at Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Jarrettsville, we'll take you through our inventory and help you find the vehicle that meets your needs.
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